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1. Improve the mash from 20-30% to 40-70%.
2. Environment protecter
3. High efficiency


Cyclone preheater is an important part of calcinations system in cement plant, and is the main device for increasing the quality of the cement products and reducing energy consumption. It completes the preheating and part decomposition of the raw materials with suspension pre-heating method to shorten the length of the rotary kiln, and at the same time, makes the raw materials fully mix with the hot air flow inside the kiln to improve the heat exchange efficiency, thus achieving the aims of improving the production efficiency of the kiln system and reducing the heat consumed by calcining the clinker.

It can make full use of the heat inside the kiln, reduce the heat energy consumed by calcining the clinker and reduce the coverage area of the calcining equipment. Our company can professionally design cyclone pre-heater according to the specific area and production size to achieve the best using effect, and at present five-level cyclone pre-heater has the widest application.


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