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Chute feeder

1. Simple structure
2. Easy-to-adjust
3. Excellent in performance


The chute feeder can be installed on the ground or to the discharge port of ore bin. The chute bottom plates do the reciprocating movement, the movement frequency is 20-60 times/min and the stroke is 20-200mm. Stroke can be adjusted by the eccentric wheel, and the eccentric throw is half the stroke. According to the experience of some mine sites, the eccentric throw should be no less than 30mm for cohesive ore.

Chute feeder

The chute width is 2-2.5 times of maximum feeding granularity. The biggest chute feeder can supply ore with granularity less than 500mm. The most common specification is 980*1240 chute feeder, with feeding granularity between 350 and 0mm, which is the best partner of 400*600 jaw crusher.


Specification Discharge opening(W×H)
Max.feeding size
Reciprocating frequency of trough
Feeding capacity
Total weight
600×500 600×500 205 38.9 10.5-25.5 4 2750×910×855 1054
980×1240 980×1240 350 23.7 36-90 7.5 3560×1000×1070 1700
1000×1900 1000×1900 300 27 300 7.5 3900×1590×1340 2691

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